The first step to customized comfort is to identify the 3 essential elements of your feet – your foot size, arch type and pressure points. Aetrex’s patented iStep technology captures these 3 essentials, immediately calculates your iMatch, and then recommends the ideal Red Wing footwear package for your feet.

Foot Size
A proper fit is critical for customized comfort. Your foot size changes throughout your life, and an improper fit can cause painful foot conditions. Aetrex footwear comes in multiple widths and offers unique features that help provide a customized fit.

Arch Type – Low, Medium or High
Identifying your arch type is as important as your foot size. For example, people with flat feet have very different footwear needs than those with higher arches. Our safety shoes and aetrex orthotics can be integrated to provide optimal comfort for each arch type

Pressure Points
Customized comfort requires a pressure free environment in your shoes. With Aetrex orthotics and Mozaic Customization, specific pressure points can be quickly relieved to help ensure maximum comfort.

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